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As a woman I appreciate the need for alignment in all areas of my life. When I requested a session with Rieta many years back I knew there was something missing in my jigsaw puzzle. Rieta’s kindness and sensitivity allowed me to trust her easily. We delved deep using her system and it opened up new possibilities for me. I am grateful to have expanded my insights I have been able to transfer these insights throughout the years. I highly recommend Rietas work.




Mia Munro

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Colour for clarity isn’t a solution, it is conscious principles for living peacefully in whichever way it serves you.

You ideally are at a place in your journey where you are choosing change.
Being able to adapt consciously on all levels of being. Mentally, emotional, physically, spiritually.

I have and still am feeling the ripple effects of the course of infinite possibilities. Which could enrich your life through a deeper understanding of you.


Stephanie Young

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After using my knowledge of what Ithought would attract people to my website, i decided to engage a second opinion from someone whom I respected as a person and most of all as an advisor using methods that I have now found to be very successful.

After having Rieta do the numbers for my website I made several changes accordingly.

Within a week I had sold a portion of my website and gained listings which represented over $15,000 in income.

My website now has a vision bigger than i could have ever dreamed and thank to Reita and the Key 2 Bliss for her amazing input.



Tyson Whitewood



I have been fortunate to have known Rieta Mistry from Key2Bliss for about ten years now and during that time have utilised Rieta’s many skills at both a business and personal level. Rieta has consulted to our business on several occasions utilising her Numerology, Intuition and Feng Shui skills to assist with many facets of our business including the business name, colour palette throughout the business, logo, office flow, decor and alignment of our team. We have also had Rieta present a workshop to our team which enabled each team member to get clear on the role they played within their business and that aligned with their family lives and goals. Rieta’s ability to find the road blocks in a business and assist with change implementation has helped us immensely and something that we are very grateful for. The result for us is that our office flows very smoothly with a happy team. We have an environment in which our clients feel valued and everyone understands the importance of their contribution to the whole experience and strives to be the best they can be. Once we were clear about the role we played and the value we could add to our clients the clients that we attracted day to day were the ones that resonated with us, our goals and our vision. Having such alignment with our clients allows the end to end process that we deliver to our clients flow with much more ease and grace. Meeting Rieta has not only made a massive difference to my business it has enabled me to get clear on the correlation between our personal and business lives and that once we create flow and shift in our personal life and environment the business also shifts.

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Rieta is truly an amazing master of flow.

After consulting with Rieta and following her simple and practical advices, wow, what a difference.

It opened the gateway to new possibilities.

Everything just happened with so much more ease and smoothness. I didn’t know I was so much out of flow until I experienced being in flow again.

It made a huge difference in all areas of my life: business, financial, personal, social, relationships and health.

I highly recommend Rieta. She has a special gift in helping people getting in flow and to live an amazing life.

Hi Rieta,

Thank you so much for your genuine care and positive influence during and after our consultation. 

Having just moved into a new apartment and setting up a home office I was very aware of the need to create flow and be mindful of energy blocks, I just knew you were the person that would help me lovingly create that space.

You gave me so much valuable information and it was easy to make the changes while having a lot of fun.

I love and continue to work with the colour suggestions. Everybody who visits comments on the energy and the uplifting calm environment.

You certainly have a unique gift and I look forward to our next consult for my new business.