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Come and Meditate with me 

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Start with the Vision

Let me teach you how to take your vision to victory.

Rieta Mistry is a spiritual speaker and teacher who speaks and teaches from the heart. She coaches women in power and position to re-connect to their heart and soul centre, so they have the best of all worlds in their life. Her Coaching Programme is Keys 2 Bliss – having total balance in life and work.

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Move to Action with Purpose

Step into Your Power with my 27 Day Online Programme

Rieta Mistry has an easy to do 27 Day Online Programme that will help you start to make changes in your life.  To achieve a change in life you need to take action.  Rieta Mistry teaches you to forget the how something can change she guides you into starting with little changes to create big changes.

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Keys to Bliss 6 Step Total Transformation Programme

If you are ready to totally step into your power and want more from life then join me for this amazing programme.

A 6 step Total Transformation programme which you have the choice of either in person or online.  You can work one on one or in a group. This is an amazing programme that works through the mind, body and your environment. At each step we train the mind to remove the blocks, and create new pathways to success.

Life is a Journey, It does not matter when you start as long as you start.

You can work one on one for guidance, support and solutions to grow both personally or in your businessYou can join one of Rieta’s Courses – Rieta runs amazing Vision Boards that you can do in person or online.

Contact Rieta today and see how easy you can change your life and create your vision.


As a result of participating in this workshop my clients have experienced mind blowing manifestations quickly and with ease.

Ready to transform your dreams into reality?

By immersing yourself in this hands-on magnificent workshop, you will tap into the vision deep within you and learn how to harness the power of specificity to manifest your vision.


Change starts with you


Rieta’s depth of wisdom, clarity and insight has been a powerful gift to us in creating greater harmony and flow within our team and our business. Through implementing Rieta’s recommendations we have come into greater alignment with ourselves, our team and our environment. We feel Rieta to be a gift from god, with her vast practical knowledge she has been able to support us in blazing a new trail, empowering our team in a way that serves the highest good of all.


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I have been fortunate to have known Rieta Mistry from Key2Bliss for about ten years now and during that time have utilised Rieta’s many skills at both a business and personal level. Rieta has consulted to our business on several occasions utilising her Numerology, Intuition and Feng Shui skills to assist with many facets of our business including the business name, colour palette throughout the business, logo, office flow, decor and alignment of our team. We have also had Rieta present a workshop to our team which enabled each team member to get clear on the role they played within their business and that aligned with their family lives and goals. Rieta’s ability to find the road blocks in a business and assist with change implementation has helped us immensely and something that we are very grateful for. The result for us is that our office flows very smoothly with a happy team. We have an environment in which our clients feel valued and everyone understands the importance of their contribution to the whole experience and strives to be the best they can be. Once we were clear about the role we played and the value we could add to our clients the clients that we attracted day to day were the ones that resonated with us, our goals and our vision. Having such alignment with our clients allows the end to end process that we deliver to our clients flow with much more ease and grace. Meeting Rieta has not only made a massive difference to my business it has enabled me to get clear on the correlation between our personal and business lives and that once we create flow and shift in our personal life and environment the business also shifts.

Online Vision Board Workshop










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The simplist of things can often bring the mind to peace.

Working with a singing bowl on a colourful yoga mat is one easy way to show the soul you care.

The first choice to take the time to sit

The second choice to work with sound thrugh the bowl

The third choice is the colours you work with in your clothes and your accessories.

Every action step you take is moving the mind to what you want and to where you want to be in life.

Check out my shop or give me a call if  you are ready for the change that awaits you.