27 Days Online Course


27 Day Online Program

The 27 Day Keys to Peace and Clarity is an online programme, specially designed to help you find the peace and clarity you need to connect to the answers and the new pathways that will lead you to your goals

The success of the 27 Day programme is through conscious choices, commitment with action steps each day.

The commitment from you is easy and simple.

There are 3 disciplined conscious choices to make each day. When you make conscious choices with a purpose your connect to your inner strength and power.

You are making a choice to find answers, solutions and pathways.


Take 5 Minutes each day for clarity and Peace. A conscious choice time.
During this 5 minutes of peace and clarity you have an affirmation to write as well as an easy Mind and Body Manifesting Exercise


You will work with colours over the 27 Days.
Every three days you will change to new colours
Each colour combination has a specific energy for you to work with

Oil Or Essense

Take 5 Minutes each day for clarity and Peace. A conscious choice time.
During this 5 minutes of peace and clarity you have an affirmation to write as well as an easy Mind and Body Manifesting Exercise

Extra Gifts

When you purchase your Online 27 Day Programme to Peace and Clarity you will also receive a Breathing Meditation from Rieta Mistry.

Rieta will teach you the power of the breath and the connection of the breath to water and the mind.

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Daily Conscious Choices with a purpose the easiest way to gain power

 2023 will be a massive year of change for everyone.

With my 27 Day Online Programme I help you find the peace and clarity within to be able to find the answers and make the decisions you know you need to make.

You have very simple and easy action steps to make each day over the 27 days. The moment you take the time with a conscious choice you are moving the mind into peace with clarity.

Time is one of our most valuable assets we have here on earth.  Use it well and use it wisely you immediately allow the power of self to step into the journey you were place here to take.


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The Power of Words

When you work with words and the mind.  You immediately start to tell the mind what you want.  You move out of doubt and into being.

When you take the time to write an affirmation out each day with a conscious choice and a purpose you step into a new energy alignment to where you want to go and what you want to invite into your life.

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Oils will in amazing ways to centre the mind and allow peace and clarity.  

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Colour Power and the MInd

When you work with colour you are making a conscious choice with a purpose to what you want to invite into your life.

Every colour has a specific energy that connects to the mind. 

When you combine certain colours you step further into the power of the mind the body and conscious choice living.

You step into the power of choice with a purpose and a desire to see a new future.


A Message From Rieta

I welcome you in my world. A world where you will feel peace and find the clarity you need. Life in the world today is very different to before. We all need to work as a community and share with each other what we have. The earth needs peace – we the people need unity to build a better world.

A Testimonial From Netta Mcinnerey




Rieta Mistry radiates impressive amounts of positive energy. As one of the few people I have met, to whom I felt an almost instant connection, I was immediately struck by her genuine caring nature and extraordinary empathy. Over the next few months, as I came to know Rieta, I learned of her passion for numerology, colour therapy, vision board preparation and feng shui. Despite being an analytical person who constantly seeks to bring order/structure to my life, I went on to seek her assistance in helping me to resolve emotional baggage I have carried since childhood. We started with a numerology report. I was genuinely amazed and astounded at the depth of understanding of my character and life the report contained. I felt as though she had looked into my soul. My initial reaction was one of having been stripped bare, however, as I sat over a coffee with Rieta discussing my fears and demons she talked me through solutions and ways to leave this all behind.

Nothing surprises Rieta. She is incredibly intuitive, exuding a special warmth and authenticity. With her focus completely on you (her client) she gives practical steps and illuminating advice on how to move forward. She supported me through the initial few weeks as I struggled with my emotions and fears until I began to feel a peace and calming clarity enter my life. I have remained in touch with Rieta, drawing on her skills when I need to. I went on to participate in her Vision Board workshop which I initially struggled with but, again with Rietas support and advice, eventually finished. I have found my life is changing for the better with things on my board coming to fruition. I have noticed a marked difference in the way I view my life (past, present, and future) which has been both uplifting and inspiring.

I totally and unreservedly recommend Rieta Mistry to anyone looking to find clarity and peace. She has the soul of an angel, the heart of a lioness, and the spiritual wisdom of a very old wise being.

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