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Being in Business in the todays world we need to be flexible, be connected to our product and more importantly be connected to what our customers and clients want and need.

It is great to own and run a business.  What I find is the key to staying in business is you making a profit.  There is absolutely no point in running or owning a business if you are not making money.

When I work with my clients I come from a world of knowledge in the energy flow of your business name, your branding, look, feel and colours of your work enviornment.  When all flow in perfect energy alignment so does the wealth.

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A message from Jo

I started with a vision board with Rieta.  It was amazing how much I learnt about my business and my mind.  I then moved to the Total Transformation Business Keys.

Rieta Mistry

How Can You Work with Me?

Your Logo and Branding

I love to start the journey of your logo and branding from a vision board.  Once we have the vision to where you want to take your business, we can then move to the next step.  Producing the brand.

Your Brand to the next level

I can help you choose the perfect look and energy field of your brand and logo.  I work with a team of graphic designers who can then produce the files for you to take your product to the next level.

Coaching You to move to the next level

I have a great busienss coaching course designed especially for you to ensure the success of your business.  You have a plan to work with.  I am there by your side all the way.

Team Work

I can work with you and your team to create a great flow of energy in the work place.  Happy employees create great wealth in a company.


Empowering You

We all have something special within.  Allow me to help you take your passion to profit and allow the diamond within to shine.

Office Enviornment

The work space is such an important energy to get right.  I will work with you to select the colours, style and design of your office space.


What People Are Saying?


“A Great Find”

Rieta Mistry radiates impressive amounts of positive energy. As one of the few people I have met, to whom I felt an almost instant connection, I was immediately struck by her genuine caring nature and extraordinary empathy.

Stephanie Morin


“Wisdom with Clarity”

Wisdom.That was the word that kept resonating with me all along the Vision Board Workshop I attended with Rieta.She made the whole experience soul opening.The entire session was amazing and I felt so much in flow with myself and my goals.She put clarity in me and it helped me look right into my true self without any self judgments and I could see myself achieving my goals

Laraib Malik


“So thankful to have Met”

I am so thankful to have met Rieta Mistry through a wonderful friend. We participated in a five hour workshop led by Rieta in November which totally surpassed my expectations. Rather than simply teach the participants about visions boards, she led us through exercises to connect with our hearts and see our deeper fears and dreams.


Nira M – Boston



“Beauty with Peace”

I have been training Rieta Mistry for many years. She has a gift of wisdom when she works with her clients.  We can have lots of knowledge but wisdom holds the key.  I love to teach her so she can teach you.

 Chris Brazel 

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Passion to Profit


I believe everyone was born with a gift.

It is up to us to ignitre that gift within.

Don’t sit and struggle when you can open the door to a gold mine and amazing life in business.

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