Journey to Manifesting

Manifest the life, career, wealth & relationships your heart desires in this journey

Move from fight and flight to Flow and Freedom in 2024!!!

Experience greater flow, abundance, and fulfilment in all areas of your life, online by Zoom on the first Monday of each month, in this interactive journey with Flow Consultant Rieta Mistry!

Rieta draws on years of life experience, deep heartfelt wisdom, and her extensive training in Feng Shui, Colour Therapy and Numerology, with world renowned coach Chris Brazel, in the Flow Journey to help you become unstuck and master your reality.

Through this live and ongoing journey, Rieta will support you to:

  • Tune in to the unique energies of each month
  • Understand how you can work with the universe and divine perfect timing to manifest powerfully and gracefully,
  • Learn Feng Shui, Colour and Numerology tips to enhance your daily life
  • Clear the obstacles and stuck energy that holds you back from the life you deserve
  • Experience greater alignment and Flow personally and professionally

Your monthly journey includes:

  • 1 x Live Flow Call with Rieta Mistry (Monthly)

In this interactive session Rieta will guide you to learn and apply:

  • The numerology of the current month
  • How you can align yourself with the energy of the month
  • Which colours to work with for optimum flow in the coming weeks
  • Ways to attract the opportunities, ideas and blessings that are right for You
  • Tips to support yourself through the next month of growth and transformation

Rieta’s deep devotion to her client’s wellbeing and her masterful facilitation makes these live sessions a true experience, as they are spiritual, awakening, transformative and insightful.

Calls will be hosted on the first Monday of each month in two sessions: For USA/Canada and Australia/Europe time zones.

All sessions are delivered live on zoom.

Login details will be emailed to you beforehand

  • Flow Tips for Fulfilment & Manifestation

Rieta will teach you simple, practical and easy-to apply Flow tips that use the power of colour, numbers, and Feng Shui to align you with the outcomes you dream of.

Benefit from her years of wisdom, knowledge, and sharply tuned intuition for support in breaking through in the areas where you currently feel overwhelmed and stuck.

  • Flow Journey Facebook Group

Share your breakthroughs and ask questions in the private Facebook group dedicated for the Flow Tribe.

This group provides a sacred space between live calls for you to be heard and to share your growth as you experience greater levels of flow.

The monthly Flow Journey is a call to self-mastery through understanding and working with your unique flow and the flow of the universe.

Dive in – and let’s begin!

A Message From Rieta

I welcome you in my world. A world where you will feel peace and find the clarity you need. Life in the world today is very different to before. We all need to work as a community and share with each other what we have. The earth needs peace – we the people need unity to build a better world.